2023 Congress Registration Fee Schedule

fee_id event_id Category Class Amount Delegates
1 1 District 500.00 0
2 1 Church Special 800.00 99999
3 1 Church Class A 500.00 20
4 1 Church Class B 400.00 15
5 1 Church Class C 300.00 8
6 1 Church Class D 200.00 4
7 1 Personal 100.00 1

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2023 Congress Course Listing

Category Course Instructor Session Description
Children's Division CDI - Children's Division (Ages 5-11) Institute Mrs. Andre Dixon-Whitfield Morning Children's Division (Ages 5-11) Institute
COPP Phase 1 1007 - Introduction to the Old Testament Rev. Benjamin Parrott Morning This course introduces the student to the Bible as a whole. The student will be exposed to a comprehensive analysis of the sixty-six books of the Bible.
COPP Phase 1 2011 - Baptist Doctrine Dr. Bentley Thomas Morning This course examines with simplicity and clarity the basic teachings of the Baptist faith. Students will explore each doctrinal position and the basis for each doctrinal position taught in the class.
COPP Phase 2 4012 - Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Dr. Ricki Gardner Morning Students will study the person and work of the Holy Spirit. This study will include a thorough look at the corresponding doctrines that impact our understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit. The students will be able to identify this doctrine of the church with a holistic understanding of salvation, with special emphasis on justification, redemption, and sanctification.
COPP Phase 3 1079 - Survey of John Dr. Joyce Dunlap Morning This course will focus on the fourth gospel and its uniqueness. Students will identify the specific features that characterize John’s gospel and distinguish it from the Synoptic Gospels, with emphasis on John’s writings and the ministry of Jesus Christ.
COPP Phase 3 7005 - Christian Evangelism Dean Sharon Foreman Morning This course is designed to teach the basic steps in developing a program of evangelism. Students will discover the appropriate Scriptures to use, and the methods, techniques, and media best suited for witnessing nonbelievers.
COPP Phase 4 1112 - Survey of Revelation Dr. Alvin Baker Morning This course will focus on the book of Revelation with emphasis on authorship, date, theme, and recipients. The prophetic themes, symbols, and interpretations of various revelations will be discussed.
COPP Phase 4 2023 - Creative Ways of Teaching Mrs. Gloria Simmons Morning The course is designed to instruct in the methods of teaching in the local church setting. It is designed to assist teachers in discovering ways of teaching such as learning behaviors and strategies for student learning and behavior.
COPP Phase 4 8066 - Christianity and Contemporary Issues Dr. Vera T. Brown Afternoon This course challenges the students to identify and confront contemporary issues. Students will look at issues that affect the church, home, and community. They will be encouraged to think through practical solutions and approaches to immediate and emerging social and ecclesiological concerns.
General *000 - No course enrollment required [Morning] Morning This option is for messengers who are attending the FGBCI Congress of Christian Education but are not required to enroll in a listed course (e.g. pastors, Congress officers/staff/workers, instructors, etc.).
General *001 - No course enrollment required [Afternoon] Afternoon This option is for messengers who are attending the FGBCI Congress of Christian Education but are not required to enroll in a listed course (e.g. pastors, Congress officers/staff/workers, instructors, etc.).
General CRALLY - Children's Rally Afternoon Does NOT count toward enrollment total.
General YRALLY - Youth Rally Afternoon Does NOT count toward enrollment total.
Ministers and Ministers Wives Division MM1 - Ministers and Ministers Wives Division Dr. Gaston Smith Morning Ministers and Ministers Wives Division
Special Projects FG01 - Teaching, Preaching, and Reaching the Waters of Justice and Righteousness Dr. Zachary Royal Afternoon This course will focus on empowering and enabling the pulpit to move past its uneasy conscience into the intersection of righteousness and justice. We need a clarion explanation and call toward moving forward in uncharted territory. Students will be armed to take the next step toward a responsible Biblical justice ethic in their preaching, teaching, and leadership.
Special Projects FG02 - How to Redesign, Rebuild and Restore Your Church’s Youth and Children’s Ministry - Hybrid Church is Here to Stay! President Cecelia Pittman Afternoon The global pandemic has presented a great challenge for ministry leaders that serve and support children’s and youth ministries around the world. We have all been challenged to redesign, rebuild and restore our ministries. This session will cover details and logistics to better help children and youth leaders understand the Hybrid model (offering both an online and in-person option) is based on your redesigning, rebuilding, and restoring your ministries for today and beyond.
Special Projects FG03 - Digital Evangelism and Discipleship Dr. Eugene Diamond Afternoon This course will explore the most effective methods of reimagining evangelism and discipleship in a digital age. We will examine various models of evangelism and discipleship to be successful in a digital world. The goal of the course will be to reignite the passion of individuals and the church for the essential ministry of evangelism and discipleship.
Special Projects FG06 - Prison Ministry Rev. Kenneth Johnson Afternoon This course will begin the process of leading the Florida General and more so the Church, itself, to be represented, received, and respected at every jail, detention center, correctional institution, prison, work camp, rehabilitation, and reentry facility (at the very least) throughout our district.
Special Projects FG07 - A New Vision for Self-Care: Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health in the Pandemic Church Rev. Jeremiah Robinson Afternoon COVID-19 has upended life as we know it. Many facets of our lives look different than they once did: routines, church, school, work, and even the news cycle. We all face unique challenges in this season, but we’re not in it alone. This course will address a new vision for self-care that will help you and your family to be better equipped to get through this time together.
Special Projects FG08 - Grief and Loss Dr. Cheryl Coleman Afternoon This course will examine the complex components of grief and loss throughout the life span. The focus of the course will be to increase understanding, knowledge, and compassion related to the impact of grief and loss on individuals, families, and communities at large. A portion of the class will investigate the issues associated with disenfranchised grief as it relates to divorce, suicide, unfinished business, and relationships not accepted by society, (I.e., same-sex partners or extramarital affairs).
Young Adult Division FG09 - Reaching and Keeping Those Under 40 Rev. Alphonso Jackson, Jr. Afternoon This course will focus on empowering church leaders and members to build bridges and make connections with those under 40. Social media and digital technology tools will be discussed that aid in engaging and keeping those under 40 connected to the church and church life. Different social media platforms will be discussed as their strengths and weaknesses for reaching different generations as well as strategies and methodologies for building relationships and ministering to those under 40.
Young Adult Division FG10 - Whose Religion Is It? Rev. Justin Monroe Afternoon This course will explore Christianity which many historians of religion now recognize as a global faith whose most vibrant expression and growth are found today in the non-Western world. The facilitator will also draw on other religions to compare the key components of faith.
Youth Division YDI - Youth Division (Ages 12-17) Institute Rev. Darryl Edwards Morning Youth Division (Ages 12-17) Institute